Vision 3D – Visualización y Diseño arquitectónico en 3D


This has been one of the special projects for our studio. We accepted the challenge of Thomas Grimes to translate this elegant building into his real environment, in the port of Cyprus, and the clients have been very satisfied with the result and so have we. Challenge Achieved!!!

Portgate tower

offices building

Multifunctional office building joined in future by a heliport on the top area.

A marvelous and relax full waterfront view.

Commercial office tower in the middle of the Mediterranean with ultra-luxury offices, magnificent design and a recreation option on a luxury and relaxing workplace.

The Portgate-Tower holds a total of over 10 000 square meters of a class A luxury office space, parking spaces for up to 200 cars and more than 500 square meters of Fitness and SPA relaxation area.

The Portgate-Tower complex is a combination of two seemingly incompatible things:

On the one hand, office owners have a unique view over Limassol and its port: ancient, yet ever young, with its historical Centre and life that never stops for a minute. It also oversees the new Golf-court and Shopping mall. 

On the other hand, it provides comfort and a quiet life in the countryside. When certain weather conditions occur, the residents of the complex can enjoy the feeling of «flying in the clouds» and «dancing with sea-waves.» That is what makes it truly unique.